Our Kennel and Grooming Team

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Meet Our Kennel and Grooming Team


Ali has worked as a kennel attendant area for Laguna Hills Animal Hospital since August 2017. She is a native of Norco CA where she still lives and shares her time with her two horses, PeeWee and Gomer. In her spare time, Ali enjoys trail riding and participating in equestrian competitions with her equine companions. Ali also has two Australian Cattle Dogs, Bea and Dollie. They enjoy going for walks and swimming. Ali recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in business.


Ariel has been part of the kennel/grooming care team since 2015.  Ariel is an early riser, getting to the hospital around 4:45 AM… “just to make sure all of the dogs and cats are well cared for before the hospital opens”. She strives hard to ensure that her department provides the best care possible. When she’s not at work you can find her at Saddleback college where she is completing her prerequisites for admission to veterinary school

Ariel has two pets, Max and Figgy. She has had Max since he was two years old and named him Maxwell Smart because he was not very good at jumping and would always “miss it by this much”. She recently adopted Figgy from LHAH when Fig was six months old. When Ariel brought Figgy home, she would run away from Max but now they chase and cuddle up whenever Ariel isn’t looking.


Giovanni is part of our brother/sister duo of kennel assistants.  His sister is Ariel.  When not at LHAH you will find him playing video games or ‘airsofting’ (a competitive team sport in which participants eliminate opponents by shooting each other with spherical plastic pellets launched via replica weapons).  He is so into this sport that he has attended an ‘airsoft con’ where he met some of his favorite YouTubers. He is a senior in high school and is a member of the school board.  Gio is taking a photo-shop class where he lets his humor dictate his images. Giovanni’s teacher was so impressed that he was given an award for student excellence. He loves keeping all the critters at the hospital healthy and co-workers in a good mood.


Jessica grew up in the small town of Ripon, California, located in the central valley. She and her husband Aaron were married in March of 2017. After getting married they moved to Anaheim in order to pursue both their passions- for Aaron filmmaking and entertainment and for Jessica- equine husbandry. Aaron plans to attend Cal State Long Beach and Jessica, Cal Poly Pomona. Jessica owns Belgian thoroughbred cross named Forbidden Phorrest and hopes to eventually own many more horses. Phorrest is currently training in natural horsemanship for ground work. In the past he has been trained for eventing and especially loves jumping. He once jumped over a 5’3” arena fence! Jessica aspires to train him in dressage work. In her free time, Jessica would love to breed and train flat-coated retriever dogs. She has grown up with this breed of dog and hopes to welcome another one into her family soon.  She presently has a very talkative six-year-old miniature schnauzer named Cleopatra Ewok Hollandsworth. Some of Jessica’s other hobbies include reading, hiking, and swimming. Her bucket list includes learning how to surf and rock climb.

At Laguna Hills Animal Hospital, you will find Jessica spoiling the cats and dogs in our kennels and grooming department.


Kamber’s favorite word to describe herself and her view of life is ‘passionate’.  She has been a welcome addition to our kennel and grooming staff since 2017 where her passion finds her making all pets feel cherished and cared for.  She patterns her interactions with pets visiting LHAH on the devotion she shows to her own two dogs Doby, a chihuahua/terrier mix (who thinks her is big bad wolf) and Jupiter, an Italian greyhound who is true to his nature and loves to run.

Kamber has started her career in our kennel/grooming department but is passionate about learning about all the aspects of veterinary medical care offered at LHAH and plans to become cross trained in all departments so as to better serve the needs of pets.

When not at the office, Kamber enjoys the company of family and friends, volunteering for pet outreach programs and getting hiking in the area.  Her spirit animal is the cheetah…she is drawn to their beauty, grace and passion for life.


Nick has been a part of the kennel/grooming care team since 2016.  He came to LHAH after assisting at Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group in Orange County.

Nick is one of our high school students who brings a contagious enthusiasm to our hospital.  You will find him playing with dogs, loving on cats and providing a ‘day of beauty’ to our canine and feline guests who are partaking of our grooming services. Nick says that barking dogs don’t phase him…his ears have been desensitized from listening to loud music while enjoying the open road on long car rides.

Time away from the practice finds him tending to ailing laptops, computers or malfunctioning video game consoles.  They are no match for his talents.  You can also find him outside enjoying the company of his 3 dogs: 2 Shetland Sheepdogs, Bocelli and Bailey and Golden retriever Morelli.  Nick has a great respect for nature in all of its forms whether they be animal, plant or mineral.  He cares deeply about preserving our oceans and beautiful planet.

Octavio H.

Octavio Hernandez is another Southern California native.  He grew up in Costa Mesa and has called it home for the majority of his life. He now lives in Tustin with his loving and beautiful wife.

Octavio will admit there was a time where he did not care for pets as he does now.  That was until his family rescued a Maltese puppy, (Spanky). Octavio reluctantly took on the job of being the chief walker, sanitation engineer, kibble dispenser and playmate.  Over time, Octavio realized that this little white fluff ball loved him as much as he loved it. From unenthusiastic pet owner to Cynophile, he got his own dog, an Old English Bulldog, Bear. He came to love their friendship and learned how truly amazing pets were.

Prior to joining our staff in 2015 he was employed at a veterinary hospital in Orange.  No he attends to the needs of the cats and dogs in the kennel and grooming departments ‘as if they were my own.’


Alexsandra is one of our Kennel Attendants. This is her first time working with animals and she loves it. Her love of pets can be seen in the way she cares for her fur baby, Hunny. Hunny is very active and loves to play tug-a-war with anything she can.

Alexsandra is known as a Halloween Baby since her birthday lands on the day before Halloween. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends and loves to explore new places.