Meet Our Client Services Team

Dana, Hospital Manager

Dana recently moved to SoCal after spending most of his life on the East Coast, including living Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. He has worked in the veterinary field since 1989, starting from kennel, to accomplished technician, and then management. He is super excited to be part of the Laguna Hills Animal Hospital team, to grow with the practice and all of the team members that make this such an amazing place to work. He also looks forward to building bonds with the clients and the pets that bring so much joy to their lives. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his spouse, where they enjoy exploring all that SoCal offers, spending time at the beach, national and international travel, wine tasting, and trying new cuisine. He also share his home with two cats, Fredo and Olga.


Had a tough day and need someone to make you smile and share a laugh, Karen is the person to seek out when you come into the office.  Her laugh and love of life is contagious.  You might think that with phrases like  ‘bless your heart’ or  ‘sweetheart’ that she grew up in the South…she did…Karen was born and raised in Southern California.

Karen is always one to jump in and help.  While raising her two children, Jacob and Kelsey, she has been a volunteer for their school, Girl Scouts, soccer, and booster club.

Time away from the practice will find her camping in the desert and zipping over sandy mountains on her dune buggy.  Her laugh might sometimes sound like a quack…that comes from cheering as many Anaheim Duck hockey games as she can.

Though Karen will spoil every dog and cat that comes through our doors, her other love is horses.  She owns a retired quarter horse named ‘Cowboy’, though mature he is full of personality.  The two of them can be found walking the horse trails in Orange County.  Her love of horses extends to include to her passion of safeguarding the lives and freedom of America’s wild horses and burros.


Octavio is a Customer Care Specialist who joined our team in 2011.  He also runs a mobile grooming service which he established in 2015. He enjoys educating clients on health and grooming issues making his roles as CCS and groomer ideal professional outlets.

In addition to the world of pets, Octavio has also studied photography, communications, culinary arts and music.  He is an avid baseball fan, with his loyalty sworn to the LA Dodgers. His bucket List includes visiting every baseball stadium in the USA.  He also loves world travel and photography. Octavio is very much in touch with his ethnic heritage and preparing authentic Mexican dishes is one way that he demonstrates it. He is a fluent Spanish speaker and enjoys learning about other languages and cultures. Octavio grew up and lives in the city of Fullerton “in the center of everything”. He has 3 furry babies, a senior old pit bull, and a middle aged cocker mix and Yorkie mix.