Hydrosurge Bathing Services

  • Bathing with our Hydrosurge bathing system
  • Conditioner if needed
  • Ear cleaning/flushing
  • Fluff dry
  • Brushing
  • Nail trim
  • Express anal glands

Hydrosurge Bathing Benefits

The Hydrosurge is a unique method of coat shampooing and conditioning. It penetrates the coat down to the skin with an invigorating, massage-like action.  Frequent Hydrosurge therapeutic baths are recommended for chronic skin problems.  You will notice a tremendous difference!

All products used on your pet are formulated for dogs and cats only. These products are pH balanced and are soap-free as to not cause skin irritation. The following are benefits of a Hydrosurge bath:

  • Exfoliation which is the removal of the animal’s dead skin enabling tissue to re-grow
  • Wound care for hot spots
  • Dandruff reduction
  • Dermatitis exfoliation
  • Seborrhea relief
  • Eczema scale removal