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Canine Pet Resort

Our spacious, indoor suites are glass fronted (no bars) and air conditioned, or heated, for added comfort. Pet guests lounge on comfortable fleece bedding and always have fresh water.  Suites can be connected together if you desire the “upgrade” for additional room.

Each pet is fed according to its age, weight, and temperament; or per your instructions. “Buddy Boarding” is an option if you have more than one dog staying with us. They can be separated (for feeding, etc.) as needed. Each guest gets to spend some individual time outdoors in a secure exercise area under the watchful eye of the attendant.

The Pet Resort Advantage

  • Highest quality diets provided (no additional charge for owner provided special foods)
  • Outdoor time for fresh air and stimulation
  • Staffed 7 days a week.
  • Numerous skylights and large windows bring in natural light
  • The latest in cleaning technology to maintain sanitary surroundings
  • A doctor is available 7 days a week to attend to your pet should the need arise.
  • Resort guests, staying at least 5 days, receive a 50% discounted Hydrosurge bath.

Camp Canine Luxury Suites

Our Camp Canine Luxury Suites are spacious, indoor and private rooms.  Each room is complete with a TV, bed and fleece blanket.

Each dog is given individual time outdoors in a secure, exercise area under the watchful eye of a caregiver.

Dogs that stay in our Camp Canine Luxury Suites are given a complimentary bath after 5 days of boarding or 50 % off for boarding stays less than 5 days.  “Buddy Boarding is an option if you have more than one dog staying with us.  They can be separated (for feeding etc.) as needed.  A discount will be given for the second pet staying in the same Luxury Suite.

Cat Condos

Our large, custom, cat condos offer your favorite feline maximum comfort in a special room away from the dogs. Each condo has a clean litter box, food, water, fleece bed and a shelf to perch on.  “Buddy Boarding” is an option here as well, for cats that want to stay together. The condos can also be connected together, an “upgrade” for more exercise or climbing room. Each guest gets to spend a relaxing day looking at the birds, cat, mice and fish on our custom, wall-sized mural (painted by Curtis Stokes, the “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” artist).

24/7 live webcams in our condos allow you to catch a glimpse of your cats playing with the staff or lounging in their two story suites.